Artificial intelligence is a powerful ally when it's time to prepare for an interview!

In the past, you'd spend hours online researching a company, finding and practicing common interview questions, and meticulously tailoring your resume. Finding a job could adequately be described as a time vampire – sucking precious minutes and hours out of your day. On top of that, the whole process of finding a job was simply overwhelming!

Enter artificial intelligence (AI). Now, you have a partner that can help you. Yes, AI can help you to research a company, advise on your resume (though it's not recommended that you use AI to write your resume for you) and prepare for a job interview. In this article, you'll learn how to use AI to prepare for a job interview more efficiently and effectively.

ChatGPT isn't your only source for AI help

When many people think about using AI for anything, their go-to is ChatGPT. Don't forget there are other artificial intelligence and language learning models out there that can help. Bard is an example. The versatility and diversity of platforms available allow you to use them in tandem to maximize your efforts.

Here's how:

1. Mock interviews

Not only can AI offer ideas about the types of interview questions to prepare for, given your particular industry, but you can also use the different platforms to practice your answers. Practicing common interview questions with ChatGPT is valuable, but incorporating Bard into the mix can add another layer of diversity to your training. Bard's distinct perspective and language usage can help you adapt to different interviewer styles and develop a broader range of responses. 

2. Company research

Both ChatGPT and Bard can provide company insights. While ChatGPT can offer a general overview, Bard can dive deeper into industry-specific knowledge, allowing you to stand out during discussions about your potential employer. In fact, you can give platforms that have access to crawl web addresses – like Bard, for example – the URL to the company's website. Bard can analyze it and summarize any key points from the website for you. 

3. Interview transcription and analysis

Using both AI models can provide a well-rounded analysis of your interview performance. Record yourself answering specific questions and upload the audio. The AI can translate your audio into text and analyze how well you answered the questions. ChatGPT may focus on your delivery, while Bard can offer insights into the industry-specific content of your answers.

4. Predictive analytics

AI can also help you to determine which job you should be applying to - and the platforms can even begin your job search for you. When considering job matching and predictive analytics, using both AI models expands the scope of opportunities. ChatGPT offers a general perspective, while Bard can provide insights into niche markets and emerging trends that might align with your skills and interests.

Give the AI program some information

You have to teach the programs about you and your career history first. The more information you provide the AI program of your choice – whether you decide to use ChatGPT alone or use it together with something else – the better it can assist you. In fact, teaching the AI program falls into the realm of prompt engineering, which is just the process of asking questions.

Let your AI platform know about the job you're applying to, give it a copy of your resume (you can exclude your contact information), and tell it any information you know about the interview. Also, tell your AI partner about any concerns you may have with securing a new job. The more specific you get, the better the AI can help. 

Transform your approach

There is one immutable truth in life – everything changes. With AI platforms like ChatGPT and Bard gaining traction, put them to work for you to do everything from researching companies to analyzing your answers to interview questions. Whether you have an upcoming interview or are just starting your job search, AI can be your friend. 

Before you get to the interview stage, you need to make sure your resume is up to par. Our experts are on hand to help you with a free resume review!

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