If you've been in the workforce for a while, you have likely experienced, or at least heard of, companies laying off employees, initiating hiring freezes, or even closing down entirely. Those currently searching for new employment opportunities are faced with numerous challenges, but what about those who are already employed? In this economy it is vital you take some important steps to help protect your current position, pay, and standing.

Consider these strategies for keeping your job by remaining on the offensive:

Remain flexible

To survive changes that might come your way, whether that be a restructure or new role, it's important to remain adaptable and accommodating. If that means taking on a different work schedule, shifting job responsibilities, or letting go of a project, remain nimble and your value will shine through.

Get noticed

Sometimes, being good at your job isn't enough. You'll need to go above and beyond to really get noticed. Forbes came out with an article listing seven ways to get noticed at work. Some ideas include taking initiative, building rapport, and being a team player. Not only is it important to complete your daily tasks, but building relationships with co-workers and management, volunteering for extra projects, and helping your team are all surefire ways to get you noticed at work and position yourself as an invaluable resource.

Enhance your skills

Now is also a good time to assess your skill set and identify any training or qualifications that can round out your professional profile. Certifications in different platforms or processes not only help you get ahead; they look great on a resume.

Stay busy

Managers and accounting departments must focus on the bottom line. Make sure your work shows that you have a bottom-line focus, as well. When possible, volunteer for extra projects or responsibilities and be ready to accept tough assignments. Help with other departments when needed. Show that you are versatile and a valuable asset.

Go green

Conserving energy costs is increasingly a top priority for companies. “Going green" is more popular than ever, and taking action that will save energy costs while encouraging your manager and colleagues to participate will further increase your value. Try simple things like turning off your computer monitor during lunch, switching to compact fluorescent bulbs, printing less, and reusing supplies.

In addition to excelling at the workplace to ensure your job security, it's important to always be prepared and have a fallback plan. Keep your resume up-to-date, and work on new initiatives that will be impressive to a future employer.

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