Curious what our customers really think about our free resume review?

We've gathered 10 of our favorite testimonials—plus why we love them—from customers who took advantage of our free resume review:


What a great service. Not only was it quick, but it was personalized and truly critical in the sense that there was no sugarcoating—which is what you want when you're seeking to improve. With great examples of what not to do in my current resume and what I should really be doing, I widely recommend this service if you want to fine-tune your professional applications.

No sugarcoating here! We love how Miguel was excited to get unfiltered feedback.

Janay T. — Marketing Professional:

This was the most thorough resume review I've ever gotten. I appreciated the detail and tips for improvement and felt it was extremely helpful.

"Thorough" is key. No extra commas. No inconsistent formatting. No stone unturned.

Christina F. — Human Resources Professional:

I was given an honest, constructive, and comprehensive critique with realistic examples and suggestions on how to improve the substance and style of my resume. Thank you!

We're big on honest feedback with real suggestions.

Brian M. — User Experience/Engineering Professional:

Extremely informative review of my resume. The only regret is I didn't turn to you guys sooner.

Why wait to turn your career around? Brian's resume review helped him move forward and not lose any more time.

Ron G. — Information Technology Professional:

Tom provided me excellent feedback on my resume. I am just floored by the things he pointed out that I'm just saying to myself, My goodness I should have thought of that.

Don't beat yourself up, Ron. We're here to show you the things about your resume that, after so many rewrites, you can't see.

Wak J. — Information Technology Professional:

Your review was super helpful and my new resume has attracted more attention than before.

Those are the kind of results we like to see!

Seljo S. — Nursing Professional:

You guys are really awesome, you helped me to understand my resume from an employer's point of view. This is new knowledge for me. I can't thank you enough. Amazing!

We're so glad you think so, Seljo! Our aim is to approach your resume from the employers' point of view so you get the perspective you need to get the job.

Clare W. — Nursing Professional:

Great review! Critique opened my eyes to let me know I've been underselling myself.  Thank you TopResume!

Exactly! It's easy to undersell yourself when you don't know what employers are looking for.

Lou G. — Human Resources Professional:

It was valuable to receive objective and strategic advice on the structure and content in my resume. All suggestions have been implemented.

We review every aspect of your resume, including the structure and content.

Carla F. — Education Professional:

I was so IMPRESSED with my resume feedback. I mean, the person who wrote my feedback took time, care, was very honest, and held back nothing. They went over my resume with a fine-tooth comb, and I appreciate every bit of it. This tool not only will help me professionally, but in every area of my life.

Thanks, Carla! Our resume reviewers are ready and waiting — fine-tooth combs in hand.


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