NEW YORK (September 22, 2017) – According to new research conducted by TopResume, the largest resume-writing service in the world, the "Me Generation" may not be as self-absorbed as one may think -- but it also could be costing them job opportunities. Recently, TopResume asked 1,965 career-driven professionals, including Millennials, how often they searched for their own name online, and today announced the results to uncover their "ego-surfing" frequency.

When TopResume asked, "How often do you Google your name?," the nationwide survey revealed the following results about 686 entry-level professionals with up to five years experience:

  • Never: 50%

  • 1-3 times a year: 33%

  • Once a month: 11%

  • Once a week: 3%

  • Once a day: 3%

"Typically, Millennials get a bad rap in the workplace for being narcissistic, but the irony of our recent survey shows just the opposite -- and possibly to the detriment of their job search," said Amanda Augustine, career advice expert for TopResume. "Googling oneself may be viewed as a guilty pleasure, but it actually plays a significant role in helping job seekers identify and shape their 'personal brand' online. How else would you know what potential employers are seeing when they search your name?"

However, entry-level employees aren't the only ones who are potentially sabotaging their job search by neglecting their online brands. In fact, the results were similar with mid-level professionals (six to 10 years experience) to the most seasoned professionals (more than 20 years experience) -- and everyone in between. Below are the results from 1,279 mid- to senior-level professionals with six to more than 20 years of experience:

  • Never: 54%

  • 1-3 times a year: 33%

  • Once a month: 6%

  • Once a week: 3%

  • Once a day: 4%

Augustine recommends that all career-focused professionals, as well as job seekers, Google themselves at least monthly to actively monitor and manage their online presence. In addition, she suggests that they create a "Google News Alert" for their own name to help keep an eye on their professional brand.

On an ongoing basis through its data science team, TopResume compiles data provided by its customers nationwide to better understand current behavioral trends in the job market. Download TopResume's free personal-branding checklist and check out the following article to learn more about why you should Google yourself to monitor your online brand.

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