CENTENNIAL, CO — In the first few months of the year, technology professionals appear to be polishing their resumes as they think about new job opportunities. In its 2024 Tech Salary Report, Dice (a DHI Group, Inc. brand; NYSE: DHX) reported 93% of employed tech professionals are either looking for a new job or willing to hear about a new opportunity. To help tech professionals navigate their career paths more effectively, Dice (a DHI Group, Inc. brand; NYSE: DHX) has partnered with TopResume, the world's largest resume-writing service, to provide tech professionals a free resume evaluation when they update their Dice profile. To date, more than 16,000 Dice tech professionals have had their resume reviewed by TopResume, leading to better matches in the tech job market.

"In today's dynamic and competitive job market, the significance of an optimized resume cannot be overstated for tech professionals who are actively seeking new opportunities," says Dice Chief Technology Officer Paul Farnsworth. “Tech professionals must go beyond simply listing their technical capabilities and soft skills; they need to showcase their value to potential employers with a well-crafted career narrative and highlight the value they would bring to the company they seek to work for.

TopResume Review Optimizes Resumes for ATS Success

When tech professionals upload their resume in their Dice profile, they can take advantage of the TopResume review, which encompasses formatting, keyword optimization and insight into how applicant tracking systems (ATS) perceive resumes. With applicant tracking systems becoming ubiquitous in recruitment processes, ensuring that resumes are ATS-friendly is crucial to increase visibility to potential employers.

Some of the most common opportunity areas TopResume is uncovering in the evaluation of tech professional resumes include:

  • Desired Length: Studies have found that recruiters prefer two-page resumes over any other length — regardless of the candidate's years of experience. Tech professionals with an extensive history should focus on the most recent 10–15 years and mention earlier experience in a Career Note or abbreviated "Earlier Work Experience" section.
  • Showcasing Impact: Many tech professionals tend to list their tech skills and the tasks they've completed without tying them back to business or project goals. It is important for job seekers to demonstrate how their work has positively impacted their department, business unit or company.
  • Highlighting Soft Skills: Tech professionals are often so focused on listing all their technical abilities that they forget to weave in proof of their soft skills as well — characteristics such as collaboration, leadership and communication that can differentiate them from the pool of other candidates.

“Although making a good first impression is critical in the job search, most job seekers don't know how to write a winning resume, which negatively impacts their introduction to a potential employer,” says Todd Goldstein, Executive Vice President of Partnerships for Talent Inc., the parent company of TopResume. “There is no substitute for a compelling resume that highlights a tech professional's experiences, hard and soft skills, and achievements. Through our partnership with Dice, we are helping tech professionals showcase themselves in the best possible way, helping them land their dream job sooner.”

Optimized Resumes Help With Faster and Better Matches

The free resume review offers an actionable step for tech professionals to boost their confidence and readiness for potential career moves by assessing:

  • Visual presentation and organization: Is the resume easy to quickly read and understand the value a job seeker has to offer? Too many or too few bullet points, and dense paragraphs of text are flagged as areas for improvement.
  • Content: A career summary can provide the recruiter or hiring manager with a good sense of someone's qualifications. It's also important to provide proof of skills, rather than simply listing responsibilities.
  • Digital readiness: TopResume's review determines whether a resume's format and file type are conducive to most ATS software.
  • Scan test results. Each tech professional's resume review includes a section that shows what an ATS perceives to be their name, most recent employer, contact information, total years of experience, recent education and top skills. If any of this information is incorrect in the review, candidates know their current document is not "ATS-friendly" and will require edits.

The benefits of this service extend beyond individual tech professionals to employers as well. When resumes are optimized for a company's ATS, the information parses correctly in their system and makes it easier for recruiters and hiring managers to review resumes. By receiving higher-quality resumes, employers can streamline their recruitment processes and find their ideal candidates more efficiently. When they make better matches for their open positions, they increase retention and reduce turnover.

Tech professionals who are interested in a free resume review from TopResume can access this feature through their profile on Dice.com.

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