Working towards your ultimate career goal requires a long-term strategy, but sometimes urgent financial situations require short-term action to generate immediate income.

While you might be tempted to abandon your long-term career goals for whatever generates income, there are easy ways to incorporate both short and long term goals in your career search. Start by focusing on generating immediate income as an immediate goal, and keep your ultimate goals in the back of your mind.

To begin generating immediate income, there are a few things to start doing now. First, determine your immediate financial needs, and figure out the minimum amount of money you need to bring home each month to make ends meet. Take a critical look at the past years' worth of expenses and determine what is necessary and what may not be. For example, cable is not necessary, but electricity is! Be sure to consider your job search: a phone and internet access are critical when job searching.

If you're deeply in debt, look into nonprofit consumer credit counseling services. Getting help from a credit counselor may relieve some of the financial stress and allow you to focus your efforts on finding a rewarding position. A credit counseling service will help you plan an overall debt management strategy and can even contact creditors on your behalf.  

Next, determine your overall job search strategy. Assess your current skills and determine where you may have potential for immediate income, while remaining focused on a long-term position in the future. You may have a variety of customer service experience in previous positions that make you an ideal candidate for a service industry or call center position. Of course, finding positions that utilize and polish the skills needed for your dream job is great, but when it comes to urgent financial situations, a position that helps cash flow is preferable.

Utilize local temporary employment services to apply for temporary or short-term positions, and be sure to consider any and all options. They may not be your dream job or use all of your employable skills, but there are plenty of positions that will help with generating immediate income, and may leave you some extra time to continue your career search.  

Now is also a good time to shout from the rooftops that you're looking for a new position. Previous colleagues, friends and family may be aware of open positions you can apply for, but they can't help if they don't know you're looking! A direct introduction to a hiring manager can be the difference between generating immediate income or continuing your job search.

While you devote time to finding an immediate position to help with short term income, make sure you don't forget about your ultimate career goals. Landing a new position may make you take a deep sigh of relief because you're generating immediate income, but it may not be the rewarding career you've always dreamed of. Once you've secured your new position, turn your attention back to your long-term career goals and continue to apply for positions that utilize your skills and get you one step closer to your dream job!

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